Reimagine health and safety in the modern workforce

How can you support your employees with human-centric healthcare in a constantly changing world? When you're paving pathways for tomorrow's workforce, it all starts with the right technologies that empower you to make meaningful change today.

Select a path below to learn how IBM® Watson Health® can help you drive change with healthcare data and AI.

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Select a path to learn how you can harness the power of data, AI and healthcare analytics to create a safer, healthier tomorrow.

Improve your employee benefits program with actionable insights

The pandemic rewrote the rule book on how and where people demand care. Dive into employee health data to better understand how to spot trends that keep your team one step ahead.

Select a hotspot to discover how data and AI can help you improve benefits management across the enterprise.

Chief health equity & human resources officers

Each individual in your company has unique healthcare needs based on their location, income and more. Gain a more complete understanding of your employees' claims data to take strategic, actionable steps toward closing health equity gaps.

Health and wellness team

Identify physical and mental wellness trends that can help you develop programs to meet the needs of a changing workforce.

Benefits administration team

View emerging trends in your company's claims data and industry benchmarks to make smarter recommendations that level up your benefits strategy.

Re-open your business, and stay open with confidence

Welcoming back employees and customers after a long pandemic pause involves many moving pieces. Discover how data and analytics can help shape a smarter, safer return to business as usual.

Select a hotspot to discover how new technology can foster a safe welcome back to normal business operation.

Chief health officer

With all eyes on you, the need for accurate, fresh data has never been greater. Learn how new technology can support your leadership efforts and maintain a safe, healthy workplace.

Digital transformation team

Empower your workplace with flexible technology that responds to your team's evolving needs — and the global health crisis.

COVID-19 taskforce

Resilience has been a keyword throughout the pandemic — and a resilient business strategy encourages forward-thinking mindsets. Learn how new technology can help cross- functional teams drive value as the pandemic evolves.

Energize employee engagement with benefits decision support

Employee engagement is an essential element of any business. When employees are actively engaged in their health, it helps reduce stress related to benefits selection.

Select a hotspot to learn how you can drive employee engagement with Conversational AI.

Benefits leaders

When analyzing plan options, the missing link is often the education required to make more informed benefits decisions. Learn how data and AI can help you empower employees to make smarter plan selections and avoid under- or over- insuring themselves.

Employee experience team

Confusion about benefits selection can factor into workplace satisfaction scores. With the right decision-making support tools, you can provide a supportive and frictionless experience and meet employees where they are.

Closing equity gaps with healthcare analytics

Data-driven decisions are important — but they should be balanced with meeting unique employee needs. IBM Watson Health helps you bridge financial analytics with empathetic decision-making, so you can address population health needs and work towards closing equity gaps.

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Discover answers hidden in your healthcare data

With IBM® Health Insights, you have the tools you need to manage your healthcare program — from understanding population health to uncovering cost drivers, evaluating program performance and more.

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Collaborate with experts through changing times

You have the power to positively influence your organization's health and well-being. Our Global Chief Medical and Health Officer Network fosters peer-to-peer collaboration, where members regularly participate in online interactions and virtual meetings.

Join our network to collaborate with those who share the same mission of advancing and promoting research for a Culture of Health and Performance.

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Solutions for social determinants of health

Connecting employee health data and industry benchmarks can help your organization close gaps in healthcare equity. When organizations understand their data, they can take appropriate action for their employees — such as establishing on-site clinics or offering targeted interventions.

Social determinants of health that can impact well-being:

Access to healthcare

Health equity


Neighborhood safety

Education level


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Culture of Health in action

Whirlpool Corporation leaders knew that transforming their organization into one with a Culture of Health was a priority. Ensuring that they were on the right path was an obstacle.

Learn how Health Insights helped leaders verify the effectiveness of Whirlpool's medical home program and laid the groundwork for expansion.

See how program participants saw USD 3.9M in potential savings over 4 years.

Help your team focus on well-being through smarter use of benefits data

How can you support your employees with human-centric healthcare in a constantly changing world? When you're paving pathways for tomorrow's workforce, it all starts with the right technologies. With reliable data at your side, you can make workplace enhancement recommendations while being mindful of cost.

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Meet your employees’ support needs

As the workplace continues to evolve, Health Risk Assessment (HRA) topics will continue trending in new directions. For example, mindfulness was a priority topic before COVID-19, but during the pandemic, loneliness was prioritized. What should your team consider when evaluating your program's benefits?

Learn which HRA topics are trending and why wellness teams are prioritizing them.

Several trending HRA topics


Financial wellness

Child/adult care


Home safety and ergonomics

Manager support

Find a strategy that works for your team

Diving into data to do things differently

Novartis was on a mission to identify which services and populations they needed to perform at a higher level and create meaningful change. With IBM Watson Health, Novartis was able to drill down into the data and provide more value for their employees. Watch how it all came to fruition here.

We’re able to use data to help us be more empathetic, more caring, more precise in how we approach our employees. We turn data into real care.”

Robert S. Goldsmith, MD, MPH
Executive Director of Corporate Employee Health
Novartis Business Services

The Culture of Health framework

The state of our workforce's health and well-being can determine whether a business thrives or simply survives. To meet employees' evolving needs, public and private sectors will need to collaborate to effectively measure health and wellness trends and steer organizations toward a strong Culture of Health.

Every business is a health business.”

Discover why

Build a better benefits strategy

Enhance your employees’ health with actionable insights that allow you to adapt fast to changing conditions. Learn how IBM® Watson Health® can help you identify data you can use to lower costs while meeting employees’ needs.

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Align benefits with population health needs

Whether it's uncovering program savings or maximizing value-based care contracts, Health Insights helps you take action. Identify shifts in population health and forecast trends with predictive analytics and AI technology at your side.

Explore use cases

Health Insights use cases

Surface health cost savings

Improve population health

Drive value-based care

Increase client satisfaction

Leverage data analytics to improve utilization

Shaping an effective benefits program is a delicate balancing act of empowering employees with choices while keeping costs manageable. Watch how data visualization and mapping tactics help drive decision-making, improve employees’ access and increase steerage to domestic health services.

Surface answers hidden in your healthcare data

Spend less time wrangling data and more time connecting to the information you need to make strategic, meaningful decisions. Health Insights is an end-to-end analytics and data solution designed to help you manage healthcare program performance.

Powered with Al, advanced analytic capabilities, and time-saving reporting, Health Insights help you make the most of your data.

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What sets Health Insights apart

Customizable analytics templates

State of the art data visualizations

Easy-to-share dashboards and reports

Advanced predictive algorithms

Become agile with AI for healthcare analytics

Conversational AI is used in healthcare member and provider experiences, but what about analytics users? Learn how it can help you better connect to data by navigating analysts to relevant content, simplifying access to meta data and more.

We’ve found that a large percentage of questions on healthcare analytics can be reduced to a core set of queries.”

Bobbi Coluni
Payer Product Management

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Are you ready for a transformed workplace?

Whether you're seeking ways to integrate flexible technology into your organization or improve employee experience, IBM® Watson Health® can help you adapt to new ways of working.

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Demonstrating proof of health status

While vaccine passports are used for international travel, digital health passes are a convenient, secure and voluntary option for people to share their health status. With COVID-19 vaccine rollouts underway, organizations may choose to use digital health passes to streamline safe entry — whether it's for entry to jobsites or attending a sports event at an outdoor stadium.

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Driving the future of work with IBM® Digital Health Pass

The ability to selectively share COVID-19 test and vaccination status is a requirement for many workplaces. Now, there is a convenient way for employees to carry their results with them wherever they go. Digital Health Pass enables employees to control what they share while their data can remain private and securely stored on their phone.

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How Digital Health Pass safeguards data

IBM Blockchain Manages issuer data to make credential exchange tamper-proof.

Decentralization Minimizes the need to collect or store personal data with a decentralized identity architecture.

Using blockchain to become agile in times of change

Blockchain is the backbone of Digital Health Pass and enables organizations to verify health credentials securely. In our on- demand webinar, we walk through how the Digital Health Pass platform works, why blockchain matters and how this technology can support your organization.

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Take a self-guided demo of Digital Health Pass

Discover all of the potential use cases for Digital Health Pass with a self-guided demo.

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Digital Health Pass use cases

For issuers, such as pharmacies, labs and providers

For individuals, such as employees and other guests

For verifiers, such as event venues and other businesses

Creating pathways for an evolving workforce

As business needs and workplace conditions change, you're expected to pivot fast. We can help you overcome your greatest business challenges with a foundation of technology that you can trust.

Learn how using digital health credentials can empower your decision-making process and help you bring people back to physical locations.

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Expand your professional network

Our Global Chief Medical and Health Officer Network brings together leaders who influence the Culture of Health and Performance across their organizations. Join our active community to participate in virtual meetings and collaborate with peers who are all on a mission to positively influence the workforce's health and well-being.

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How are healthcare perceptions shifting during the pandemic?

Fielded since 1988, IBM Watson Health's PULSE® Healthcare Survey is one of the largest and longest-running consumer health surveys in the US. Recent research uncovers thoughts around COVID-19 workplace health policies, health equity needs, vaccine hesitancy and more.

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Re-open and stay open safely

Digital health credentials can play an important role by offering employees a digital means of sharing their COVID-19 test results or vaccination status in a more efficient, convenient and secured manner.

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Looking forward with IBM® Digital Health Pass

CHOs can safely bring employees back to the workplace with the help of IBM Digital Health Pass. Create and update re-entry policies and workflows based on verifiable COVID-19 test results or vaccine status.

Government mandates may require your workforce to get vaccinated or regularly tested for COVID-19. Learn how Digital Health Pass can help you adapt to new ways of working.

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Digital Health Pass features

Digital wallet app Ensures your employees are in control of the data they share.

Decentralization Allows you to minimize the need to collect or store sensitive employee data.

Advanced cryptography Keeps your employees' data private when generating credentials.

Flexible integration Integrates the Digital Health Pass platform into your current technology stack.

Continue moving forward in times of change

Looking ahead, healthcare analytics, digital health credentials and new technologies will be key for better insights and data-driven decisions. And with the right partner, you can take on challenges with confidence.

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A smart way for businesses to re-open during COVID-19

Companies can coordinate re-entry policies and workflows by group. For example, employers can verify if employees meet site requirements before entering — whether it’s an office or warehouse.

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Seeing eye-to-eye on pandemic response

The global pandemic has presented challenge after challenge for even the most seasoned executives. Research has found that employers significantly overestimate the effectiveness of their efforts to support employees — what's at the crux of this disconnect?

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Top employee health and safety concerns

Clearly communicated plans for ensuring workplace sanitation

Social distancing guidelines in the workplace

Paid time off for any employee experiencing symptoms of being sick

Clearly communicated plans for responding to future outbreaks

Reimagining the benefits experiences for employees

Employees are spending more time invested in their healthcare decision-making process. Simply offering health and wellness benefits doesn't guarantee employee engagement — especially during a pandemic.

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Empower employees with interactive tools

It's time to streamline the open enrollment experience. When your employees feel confident in their healthcare decisions, employee engagement can increase and unnecessary benefit program costs could diminish.

IBM® Benefits Mentor with Watson™ delivers a personalized employee experience to help your team quickly identify their best-fit benefit plan.

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Revisiting employee benefits during COVID-19

Annual open enrollment doesn't need to be a stressful process. Benefits Mentor with Watson™ is designed to help employees make smarter benefits decisions while bolstering engagement.

By leveraging data and AI to create personalized experiences, employees are guided based on their needs and can review options through multiple formats — from print to Conversational AI applications.

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At a glance

56% of people are confused when making health insurance decisions.1

64% of employees say they're spending more time reviewing and understand their benefits.2

41% of US adults deferred medical care in 2020.3

Respond to employee expectations for choice

Liberty Mutual wanted to offer their employees more healthcare choices, greater transparency and cost-saving opportunities. But when it came to healthcare enrollment, more options could also equal more confusion.

Liberty Mutual implemented the Benefits Mentor solution to help employees decide which health plan best fits their needs. Read on to learn how Benefits Mentor gave employees the ability to dig deeper and make the best decision for their situation.

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It was a valuable, robust, feature-rich tool that allowed our employees to make the right decisions for themselves and their families.”

Matthew Vlieger
Manager of Finance and Analytics for Corporate Benefits
Liberty Mutual Insurance

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Technologies for positive employee experiences

You're tasked with retaining employees. Stressful moments, such as navigating open enrollment, can negatively impact employee satisfaction. With the help of Conversational AI, your team can provide employees with the guidance they need to make confident benefits decisions.

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Take the stress out of benefits decisions

We're on a mission to make healthcare smarter, simpler and more cost-effective. IBM® Benefits Mentor with Watson™ leverages data and AI to deliver personalized experiences that engage and educate your employees during open enrollment. See how Benefits Mentor can facilitate a better experience.

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Keep up with growing demands for remote care

The demand for convenient, accessible care boomed in 2020 — and that's not changing anytime soon. This doesn't include just telehealth, which has edged its way into being a new health benefit standard, but a full suite of virtual care solutions like remote patient monitoring, AI triage, at-home testing and more. If care has become digital, benefits decisions can be, too.

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Virtual healthcare on the rise

40% of all healthcare encounters were virtual in April 2020.1

22% represents the new estimated status quo of virtual healthcare appointments.1

Using AI to make healthcare more human

Implementing technology to personalize employee benefits experiences involves the right balance of high-tech solutions and high-touch personal conversations.

With Benefits Mentor with Watson, you can use AI to communicate in natural language across the enrollment experience — delivering the personalization and retail-like experiences employees want.

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What are the most important elements of digital transformation?

Conversational AI is only one piece of the puzzle as your company improves its benefits experience. Learn more about the importance of collaboration, personalization, intelligent health records and more in the America’s Health Insurance Plans webinar below.

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